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  • To my little corner of the internet. I'm a lifestyle photographer and I call Maryland's Eastern Shore my home. It's Chesapeake Bay country out here and it's just lovely. Full of inspiration. I have a husband I call "Clark Kent" because he's my own personal superhero. And... he looks awesome in plaid flannel. Hot dang. I have two little boogers who keep me on my toes and a yellow four legged child that always keeps me company. I love scrapbooking, curling up to a good movie, and dark chocolate M&M's. Thanks for stopping by... I "heart" your comments.



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    That's incredible. I'm sure I'll be able to find plenty of time to do tons of things just like that!!! Yeah Right! Great use of the skinny :) I'll get on something just like that tomorrow...BwaaaHahaha. Home recovering from Rob's surgery now. See you Friday :)


    Katie Pegher

    Hahaha! Lauren you kill me. How was the surgery? Hope the little guy is ok! Has Charlie made it back from holiday?

    Sent from my iPhone


    It was a long day Monday. The surgery was more complicated than they had originally thought after already being bumped twice. It all went well though and was for the best. He is recovering well, but as you can imagine, 4 weeks of trying to keep a 3 year old boy from running, jumping and straddling anything is going to take a bit of effort.

    Yes, Charlie is back from Florida and loved every minute of it. Now, he is busy playing on 4 different Lacrosse teams. I think we've lost our flippin' heads!

    What are you wearing Friday??


    Katie Pegher

    oh man - what an ordeal. well say some extra prayers for you guys. glad charlie had fun - but boy oh boy - how can you be in 10 places at once? girl - you need a clone. saturday? well - i took your advice and went and got a mask from pier one... but now i have no idea what i did with it. go figure. i think im just gonna pull out an old hat - white beaded skirt and a black blouse. heels. you think that will do? what kinda gettup are you getting into?

    Jackie Donahue

    Hi Katie -
    I love that date stamp. I love how you can use it for any month, date...where did you get that?


    Katie Pegher

    Thanks Jackie! Its from a stamp company called Cats Life Press. If you Google them youll find them! I actually have several different styles of their perpetual date stamps. And use them ALL the time!

    Jamie Nolan

    Ooo I am so lucky I got one of these beauties in the mail. My mom is a scrapbooker/stamper/card-maker so I've been looking forward to showing her.


    Oh, this is so cute. I love the date stamp. It's great!

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