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  • To my little corner of the internet. I'm a lifestyle photographer and I call Maryland's Eastern Shore my home. It's Chesapeake Bay country out here and it's just lovely. Full of inspiration. I have a husband I call "Clark Kent" because he's my own personal superhero. And... he looks awesome in plaid flannel. Hot dang. I have two little boogers who keep me on my toes and a yellow four legged child that always keeps me company. I love scrapbooking, curling up to a good movie, and dark chocolate M&M's. Thanks for stopping by... I "heart" your comments.



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    Karena Dixon Roxy girl. So sweet!


    I'd like to hear more stories about Clark. He's definitely my favorite cast member.

    Karena Dixon

    I agree! More stories about Clark. Specifically Clark and his buddy 3D taking their wives to tropical locations with endless Mai Tai's. ;)

    Katie Pegher


    I love a good fiction!

    Katie Pegher

    Thank you for your input.... Clark.


    I agree with Clark! I would like to hear more stories about him.


    i love that roxy girl!!! anything and everything is interesting to me...before and afters, things to eat and try, favorite places and things. love to hear all about it!!! plus, i love to see the kids growing!!!


    I would LOVE more on your photography. Maybe a special segment on tips with your DSL camera for those of us who really want to know what we're doing, but still can't compete with your beautiful shots?


    Recipes, photography, your "favorites" lists, e.g. clothes, home/beauty products, kids products, etc. Love the blog!

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