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  • To my little corner of the internet. I'm a lifestyle photographer and I call Maryland's Eastern Shore my home. It's Chesapeake Bay country out here and it's just lovely. Full of inspiration. I have a husband I call "Clark Kent" because he's my own personal superhero. And... he looks awesome in plaid flannel. Hot dang. I have two little boogers who keep me on my toes and a yellow four legged child that always keeps me company. I love scrapbooking, curling up to a good movie, and dark chocolate M&M's. Thanks for stopping by... I "heart" your comments.



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    Amanda Eltringham

    Katie!!! You are going to be a movie star!!!!!!


    holy seriously need to go buy a lottery ticket...or 2. GOOD LUCK girlie!!! (not that you need it ; ) )

    Katie Pegher

    Yes... im quite certain that Ill have a star on the hollywood walk of fame after my performance in the Next Day Blinds spot! Hee hee!!!!


    Congrats Miss Katie! I don't think any of us who know and luv ya had any doubt they would cast you... I'm so happy for you. Who Next Day Blinds tomorrow- shooting a music video with Kings of Leon. Good luck with the shoot. We can't wait to hear all about it.

    Katie Pegher

    nikki... you tease. kol. swoon!

    carmi pegher

    Your BFF Sandy Bullock had to start somewhere too. I bet her big break was staring in commercials. Look out Academy Awards! Congratulations.

    Heather B. Ewing

    Pretty sure you will be a natural! Enjoy it and have a fun time!

    Keri Ann

    That is so exciting!!!! Congrats!!

    Amy McGlinchey

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OMG! This is crazy crazy crazy! I'm so excited! I cannot believe this! This is so cool. I feel like jumping up and down!!!!! Keep me posted! WOW. You are already a star. You should bring that picture of you singing with your mouth wide open. They have no idea the talent they have discovered. oooooh! I'm so excited! xoxoxo

    Katie Pegher

    LOL!!! So funny you mention that photo. Phil took it at one of my last shows with the band. Amazing night. My friend who is a professional opera star told me that if my singing career didnt pan out - I could do commercials for dental floss. :) How true is that now? HA!

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