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  • To my little corner of the internet. I'm a lifestyle photographer and I call Maryland's Eastern Shore my home. It's Chesapeake Bay country out here and it's just lovely. Full of inspiration. I have a husband I call "Clark Kent" because he's my own personal superhero. And... he looks awesome in plaid flannel. Hot dang. I have two little boogers who keep me on my toes and a yellow four legged child that always keeps me company. I love scrapbooking, curling up to a good movie, and dark chocolate M&M's. Thanks for stopping by... I "heart" your comments.



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    lori morris

    yeah !!! good to read ya this rainy, turning to snowy day. Your crew is adorable !!


    i have missed you! so glad you're back ; )

    Katie Pegher

    thanks for coming back lori!!!

    Katie Pegher

    it felt good to post again!

    Brooke Hepler

    So glad to see you are back! :)


    Love love love this! Your littles are SO adorable, Katie!

    Brooke P.

    Love both but...Chocolate Puddin' Head rocks!!

    Jennifer Shortall

    Great little inspiration this morning. I love them Pegher youngins

    Rebecca Kettner

    Of course we missed you! "52 Portraits" is such an awesome idea. Low-to-no pressure is always good, and this is completely doable. Your photography rocks, so please keep 'em coming! :)


    duh.... of course we missed you. I love spidey pulls a dinner shift... awesome. I am very glad you are back on.

    Wendy N

    Yes you have been missed but those two photos of your darling children made me chuckle so you are forgiven!


    So happy to see you return. Have missed reading your lovely posts. xo

    Kristen L.

    Hooray! So glad you're back. Have really missed your posts!

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