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  • To my little corner of the internet. I'm a lifestyle photographer and I call Maryland's Eastern Shore my home. It's Chesapeake Bay country out here and it's just lovely. Full of inspiration. I have a husband I call "Clark Kent" because he's my own personal superhero. And... he looks awesome in plaid flannel. Hot dang. I have two little boogers who keep me on my toes and a yellow four legged child that always keeps me company. I love scrapbooking, curling up to a good movie, and dark chocolate M&M's. Thanks for stopping by... I "heart" your comments.



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    I love this idea, and started it this year (thanks to your blog). A little late for J, but right on time for R. I haven't gotten around to the envelope decorating (I'm not nearly the skilled scrapbooker that you are)so just have them in a file in my desk under "birthday letters". I started something simlar when J was born of halloween pictures. My mom got me this great little orange photo album with a huge black and orange bow (screams halloween). Then I put my favorite picture of each boy in their costume. It doesn't say much right now, but I love the idea of being able to look back 10 years from now at all their costumes over the years in one place.

    Although this year I'm having issues... I have a perfectly good, only worn once, tutrle costume that J wore at his second halloween. For some reason though I feel like R deserves his OWN costume, espically since the book is going make it perfectly clear that it was a hand me down. Do I suck it up and spend the $30 for a new costume, or just let him be a second child and make him wear the turtle while I can still get away with it? Thoughts?

    Sorry for the novel, but home alone with the kids this morning so actually have the time to write a comment. XOXO

    Katie Pegher

    Danna... My first instinct is to have him wear the hand me down. Its a part of life. Its natural. Its expected for a second child. And... even though it may seem like an old hat - think of it as something that they shared. It could be cute to compare them apples to apples just that once! Especially now - when they have very little opinion of their own on what they wear. Just my 2 cents!~


    Love these, Katie! Could you share a tutorial on actually making the envelopes?

    Katie Pegher

    I can!!!
    Will try for a post later this week~


    Love this idea! How cool! I agree can you share a tutorial on making the envelopes?

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